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On-Demand Archives of The Soul Show’s syndicated edition (AAPRC) [TSSAAPRyymmdd]

These listings include the WTJX, Rhode Island Public Radio, WYEP (overnight) and other broadcasts of the syndicated program.

To obtain the playlist for a given episode of the syndicated program, there are two ways:

(1) Write me at

(2) Navigate to the WYEP playlist application , select The Soul Show program, and select the Monday morning (1200a-300a Eastern) episode closest in date to your station’s broadcast. If the playlist doesn’t match, try the closest previous Monday in the application. Also, be sure not to select a Saturday afternoon (200p-500p Eastern) episode, because that is the live Pittsburgh edition of The Soul Show, with a different playlist. Don’t hesitate to write me at for some friendly help.

[TSSAAPR210707 was a rebroadcast of TSSAAPR210708]

[TSSAAPR210428: a rerun of TSSAAPR210916]

Note: TSSAAPR201118 and TSSAAPR201125 were reruns; please contact for these archives. Thank you!

and here’s the Master Archive

of all posted AAPRC and WYEP episodes, plus legacy WTJX episodes.