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Worldwide Archive (duplicated)

These listings include the WESM, WZUM, WIUP, WTJX, WNPN (Rhode Island Public Radio), KRBD, WNAA and other broadcasts of the syndicated program on AAPR and PRX.

The archive date is always the Wednesday of a weekly cycle. To hear the Saturday 6/4/22 WTJX or WNPN archive, for example, select the TSSAAPR220601 (previous Wednesday) archive.

…and here are the playlists, week by week.

On WZUM, WIUP, WTJX and WNAA on 12/17/22, the broadcast was a repeat of TSSAAPR220914.

TSSAAPR221019 is a rebroadcast of TSSAAPR220824

TSSAAPR220727 is a rebroadcast of TSSAAPR211120

TSSAAPR220720 is a rebroadcast of TSSAAPR211117

TSSAAPR220706 is a rebroadcast of TSSAAPR220316

TSSAAPR220216 is a rebroadcast of TSSAAPR210929

TSSAAPR220209 is a rebroadcast of TSSAAPR210825

[TSSAAPR210707 was a rebroadcast of TSSAAPR210708]

[TSSAAPR210428: a rerun of TSSAAPR210916]

Note: TSSAAPR201118 and TSSAAPR201125 were reruns; please contact for these archives. Thank you!

and here’s the Master Archive

of all posted AAPRC and WYEP episodes, plus legacy WTJX episodes.