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During my many years as a volunteer host at Pittsburgh’s main indie music station, we’d do membership campaigns. I’d ask for donations, and the money would go to station expenses. Now that I’m a fully independent host and producer, some of those expenses have shifted to me. Building a clientele of underwriters, I expect to break even on non-labor costs (Mixcloud fees, Google Drive, Adobe, website name/domain) within 2 years. In the meantime, your direct contribution, at any level, goes a long way to balancing the books. From experience, I know that listeners would contribute 25.00 to the station in direct support of The Soul Show, and sometimes as much as 10.00/month. TSS is spreading quite quickly around the country. Things are getting good! Your support is appreciated in this mission that we share and enjoy.

Venmo: @soulshowmike

CashApp: $soulshowmike

or…..purchase a TSS tee or vee