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The Interview Collection

Welcome to The Soul Show’s interview collection. Come back often. Most of these have been featured in short form on radio broadcasts. These postings are usually the more uncut versions.

This page is undergoing a major overhaul, but all content is available. Thanks for your patience.

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis-2023
Jimmy Jam (solo)-2023
Mandrill's guitarist, Omar Mesa2023
Emma Donovan2023In advance of her US tour with The Putbacks
Alexander O'Neal, Part 1Intro through departure from The Time2022
Alexander O'Neal, Part 2Solo career2022
Alexander O'Neal, Part 3Story of Christmas album2022
Corinne Bailey Rae - Part 12022
Corinne Bailey Rae | 22.06.12 | Homestead
Corinne Bailey Rae - Part 2a2022
Corinne Bailey Rae - Part 2b2022
Corinne Bailey Rae - Part 3 - Wrap2022
Vanessa Collier2022
Hugo CruzHugo Cruz2022
Dwele, Pt.
Lionell Dudley, Part 12022
Lionell Dudley, Part 22022Lionell was an important figure not captured in the Betty Davis biopic. The brother of Davis' one-time guitarist, Cordell Dudley, Lionell may have co-produced the only Davis concert in her Pgh hometown.
Robert "Kool" Bell, Part 1Intro2022
Robert "Kool" Bell, Part 2First record through 19752022
Robert "Kool" Bell, Part 3JT joined band, Deodato era2022
Robert "Kool" Bell, Part 4Closer2022
Justin Strong - Origins of Shadow+AVA2022
Justin Strong
Grant Harper Reid on Jimi Hendrix in Harlem, Pt.12022The Soul Show, BHM Weekend Three: Hendrix in Harlem
Grant Harper Reid on Jimi Hendrix in Harlem, Pt. 22022
Grant Harper Reid on Jimi Hendrix in Harlem, Pt. 32022
Jim Korekach, Part 12019Attendee at Band of Gypsys, Fillmore East 69-70
Jim Korekach, Part 22019
Dionne WarwickDionne Warwick2017
Nigel Hall at '21 Pgh Blues and Heritage Festival2021
Jared Michael Nickerson on Greg TateJared Michael Nickerson on Greg Tate2022
Dwele, Pt.
Dwele, Pt.
, Pt.
Dwele, Pt.

Con Funk Shun (Felton Pilate and Michael Cooper, 2022)

Hugo Cruz (2022)

Dwele (2022)

Part 1 – Intro
Part 2 – Rapper vs. Singer
Part 3 – Slum Village
Part 4 – Upcoming Projects
Part 5 – Closer

Toshi Reagon (2019)

Discussion of “Parable”
Discussion of her mother, Bernice Johnson Reagon