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PumpkinFest 2018, Weekend Highlights, website updates, TSSWTJX090118 posted —

PumpkinFest 2018 has been announced, but not the lineup.  I found out some of the details today – it will be solid!

Cuban excellence at Manchester this weekend from Harold Lopez-Nussa.  Lee Robinson & ISKA at Riverview, Tony Campbell at WWR and Smooth Groove Sunday at Rocks – details in the concert calendar at is purring smoothly, now with a randomized presentation of “60 Seconds of Pittsburgh,” the YouTube series on local music.  There’s also a signup form, if you’d like the blog emailed to you.

The latest Mixcloud archive, last Saturday’s edition of TSS on Virgin Islands station WTJX, is posted directly to  The WYEP and WTJX shows are in the same vein, but with little or no playlist overlap from week to week.  Play them back to back, and you have a six-hour soul feast.



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