Bettye LaVette Interview (+ clip from Blues & Heritage), Donny Hathaway

Bettye LaVette sat down with me to discuss her career in music just prior to the wonderful performance at Highmark Blues & Heritage Festival.  The interview aired on The Soul Show, and here are the three 2-minute segments in case you missed it.  Enjoy! 

Bettye LaVette: The Breakout Album
Bettye LaVette: The British Rock Songbook
Bettye LaVette:  The Industry and the Bob Dylan songbook album

Donny Hathaway would have turned 73 this week.  One of the things I think about often is how The Soul Show founder Stef Chatman and I completely converged in taste when it came to Donny… he is our favorite vocalist.  Even though this is not a “major” milestone birthday, I don’t need much of an excuse to do a mini-feature this coming Saturday 

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    1. Sorry I took so long to write back! Yes, I definitely understand that inspiration. So glad you enjoyed the clips. This website is giving me a place to post excerpts from The Soul Show in an organized way.

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