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soulBlog: Feralcat Interview + Album Release; Announcement of Vine Rewind Festival


Roger “Feralcat” Romero released his EP in a joint billing with Starship Mantis on 6/1/19. I’ve been following him for the past few months, and asked for an interview to coincide with the release. So, The Soul Show’s interview segments are presented here, but you may want to listen to the entire uncut tape, also below, that includes a discussion about the musical emergences of his siblings Hansel and Allan.

Feralcat full uncut interview

The Soul Show 6/1/19 interview, Part One: Who are you?
The Soul Show 6/1/19 interview, Part Two: Development as an artist, plus transcendental experience
The Soul Show 6/1/1 interview, Part Three: Album track review, Attic Music Group’s downtown incubator

…and here’s the full TSS episode with the three interview segments AND three Feralcat tracks to go with them. Enjoy.

Vine Rewind Festival

Tim Gaber, proprietor of Pittsburgh Winery, sent the promo materials for the Strip District festival that’s just outside his Penn Avenue establishment. Highlights include the return of Jasmine Tate, who started her career in Pittsburgh, then moved to TX. Also, there’s this group called “Beni’s Gospel Brunch w/Steeltown Horns,” which hints of B. Rossman, who will be there with his Starship Mantis. Lyndsey Smith returns for Vine Rewind as well, so I’m expecting something amazing like what we saw at the 6/1/19 SM Album Release (see yesterday’s soulBlog). Byron Nash will be there as well.

Here’s some madness from last year:

Details for Vine Rewind Festival can be found in the Concert Calendar at

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