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soulBlog: The Howard Scott (War, Lowrider) interview on The Soul Show

As I write this quick entry, there is a discussion on (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist) Scott Mervis’ FB wall about War vs. Lowrider Band. I thought I’d post a quick summary of the situation as I understand it, along with (1) some photos from Lowrider’s 2015 performance in Wheeling, WV and (2) some wonderful interview segments with Howard Scott on The Soul Show.


  • There are 7 original members of War: Howard Scott, Harold Brown, Lee Oskar, Lonnie Jordan, B.B. Dickerson, Charles Miller (deceased), Papa Dee Allen (deceased).
  • There was a legal decision that prevents Scott, Brown and Oskar to use the name War; they have performed ever since as the Lowrider Band. (Dickerson is not able to perform due to illness)
  • Jordan currently leads, and is currently the only founding member in, the band War.

The Howard Scott Interview on The Soul Show (WYEP, circa 2015)

Howard Scott – intro, early years, the first Burdon/Oskar encounter Sun Oh Son
Howard Scott – brethren: EWF Maurice Mandrill et al
Howard Scott – the story of ‘Get Down’ in Chicago
Howard Scott – Charles Miller, and the rise of Low Rider
Howard Scott – the making of ‘The World Is A Ghetto’
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