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soulBlog: Cobham at T’Bird, Lake at COA’s Jazz Poetry Month, Adrian Younge/Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Billy Cobham, 19.09.17 Thunderbird Café

Billy Cobham, feat. Randy Brecker, came to Thunderbird Café & Music Hall 19.09.17. It was too bad that Roxian Live had to move the show to their smaller venue due to tik sales, BUT the seating accommodations were a wonderful touch for the older crowd. We were appreciative. #soulshowmike image.

The 75yo Cobham waxed on baobab trees, the record industry, etc. between sets. When the giants start talking retrospectively, it is actually more important than playing the music, as wonderful as it is.

Jazz Poetry Month with Oliver Lake, 19.09.17 City of Asylum

Spoken word artists continued the tradition ofJazz Poetry Month, w/Oliver Lake in his 15th year of presence. City of Asylum, particularly in the context of People of Color, continues to be a Pittsburgh Best-Kept Secret (along w/Sembene: The Film & Arts Festival – Pittsburgh, PA)…relevant, free, on the bus route.

The Midnight Hour

One of last fall’s most important shows was The Midnight Hour. Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge return for an encore performance on Tuesday night at Club Café. It was packed last time. Highly recommended.

(all images by soulshowmike)

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