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The Soul Show: Six Hours of Programming

This schedule grid presents all of The Soul Show's time slots.
Here are all of the ways you can hear TSS

The Soul Show presents six hours of programming

, starting on Saturdays on WYEP (2-5pm Eastern). This weekend, I feature Sam Cooke at 90 and Questlove at 50. Three Rivers at Three, the weekly Pittsburgh segment, features a new Leaky Faucet. Also, I’ll play George Heid III’s jazz/funk/hiphop project under his alt-moniker Gee-O.

The Soul Show’s syndicated edition airs on WTJX Virgin Islands as an entirely separate program (8-11pm Atlantic, 7-10pm Eastern). It airs on Rhode Island Public Radio (The Public’s Radio), WYEP overnight, and Alaska Public Radio (KRBD) through Wednesday morning Eastern. I’m starting to extend the local-segment concept to the partner stations. This week, Tavares represents southern New England and Pressure covers the VI. Lyndsey Smith is the Pittsburgh contingent. I need to get with the Alaskan bands soon. 🙂 This week we debut a new Tiny Desk track from Blaque Dynamite w/Greg Spero.

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