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The Soul Show’s Features for This Week

The Soul Show’s features for this week cover Black History Month and more. On Pittsburgh’s WYEP Saturday edition, I took the cue from listeners to feature two groundbreaking 1971 albums. One is Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On,’ the other Sly & The Family Stone’s ‘There’s A Riot Goin’ On.’ We’ll explore the motivations and circumstances of this question/answer pair with three tracks from each.

The 2021 groundswell of new music has begun, with music from Cliff Beach, Bomba Estéreo, Cameron Graves. Adrian Younge has just released a single entitled ‘The American Negro.’ He’s been an important part of The Soul Show for a decade. Hear his 2018 interview with me.

On the ‘Three Rivers at Three (pm)’ weekly Pgh-centric segment, I resurrect the funk/rock of the Old E All Stars.

The Soul Show’s nationally syndicated edition begins its weekly cycle on Saturday night with WTJX and Rhode Island Public Radio. WYEP overnight and KRBD Alaska follow on Monday and Tuesday. I’m beginning to apply the ‘Three Rivers at Three’ concept to this edition, featuring acts from the participating regions. This week it’s Jeffrey Osborne of Providence, Starship Mantis and Leaky Faucet of Pittsburgh

, and Marsvyn David of the Virgin Islands.

More on The Soul Show’s features for this week…..

Syncing up with the Pittsburgh show, listen to some early Gaye and Sly, preceding the transformative ‘Going On’ releases. Marvin duets with Mary Wells, and The Family Stone do live Woodstock.

There will be a continued dive into Australia’s Emma Donovan w/The Putbacks. I’ll play some obscure Derek Martin from the gritty-soul Stax label. The Wild Tchoupitoulas will get us ready for Mardi Gras season. Lastly, I included a beautiful blast from the Noel Pointer past.

Note: WYEP has posted the all-day Thanksgiving w/Motown (2020) playlist!



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