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The Soul Show(s) this week: Clinton pre-bday, MonoNeon, Questlove’s SoS, Bare Your Soul

The Soul Show on WYEP

Most weeks, a day or two before broadcast, I send the WYEP staff a few teasers about the upcoming show. Here they are for 7/17:

  • On TSS this weekend, Mike features more from Kinetic’s new release, “Dances of Lake Volta.”  He’s been following this local band since their beginnings.  “Dances” is his City Paper album pick for this month.
  • The Soul Show begins the George Clinton 80th birthday celebrations with an extended live track from Metropolis in the UK.
  • During 2021, Mike Canton has been looking back at 50th anniversary albums, but this weekend The Soul Show does a decade sweep of 1961 through 2021 (from Gladys Knight through Jill Scott).
  • Now that Mike Canton has seen Questlove’s “Summer of Soul” film, he’ll offer some more thoughts on Woodstock’s alternate universe.  His research has led him to a photographer who captured Hendrix on film in Harlem that 1969 summer.
  • For TSS this weekend, there’s new music from Prince’s last bassist (MonoNeon) and Thundercat’s brother (Ron Bruner, Jr.).
  • Before The Soul Show this weekend, do a little homework.  Check out his “Bare Your Soul” challenge on Twitter (soulshowmike).

Syndicated TSS on the African American Public Radio Consortium

  • There’s music from the cities of The Soul Show’s national broadcasts: Zeng from RI, Blew/Brees/P Busspipe from USVI, and DK Anderson from Pittsburgh
  • Rick James is represented as a solo artist and as part of the short-lived Mynah Birds…this is important music history
  • A great new instrumental from Tiny Room Sessions, featuring MonoNeon and Ron Bruner, Jr.
  • More Geo. Clinton pre-celebration, with songs representing the Cult of Funk
  • Black Violin battling the Stereotypes

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