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The Soul Show(s) this week: Clinton pre-bday, MonoNeon, Questlove’s SoS, Bare Your Soul

The Soul Show on WYEP

Most weeks, a day or two before broadcast, I send the WYEP staff a few teasers about the upcoming show. Here they are for 7/17:

  • On TSS this weekend , Mike features more from Kinetic’s new release, “Dances of Lake Volta.”  He’s been following this local band since their beginnings.  “Dances” is his City Paper album pick for this month.
  • The Soul Show begins the George Clinton 80th birthday celebrations with an extended live track from Metropolis in the UK.
  • During 2021, Mike Canton has been looking back at 50th anniversary albums, but this weekend The Soul Show does a decade sweep of 1961 through 2021 (from Gladys Knight through Jill Scott).
  • Now that Mike Canton has seen Questlove’s “Summer of Soul” film, he’ll offer some more thoughts on Woodstock’s alternate universe.  His research has led him to a photographer who captured Hendrix on film in Harlem that 1969 summer.
  • For TSS this weekend, there’s new music from Prince’s last bassist (MonoNeon) and Thundercat’s brother (Ron Bruner, Jr.).
  • Before The Soul Show this weekend, do a little homework.  Check out his “Bare Your Soul” challenge on Twitter (soulshowmike).

Syndicated TSS on the African American Public Radio Consortium

  • There’s music from the cities of The Soul Show’s national broadcasts: Zeng from RI, Blew/Brees/P Busspipe from USVI, and DK Anderson from Pittsburgh
  • Rick James is represented as a solo artist and as part of the short-lived Mynah Birds…this is important music history
  • A great new instrumental from Tiny Room Sessions, featuring MonoNeon and Ron Bruner, Jr.
  • More Geo. Clinton pre-celebration, with songs representing the Cult of Funk
  • Black Violin battling the Stereotypes

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