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Remembering Betty Davis

I’m dropping everything, as is appropriate, to pay tribute to Betty Davis. It will be a work in progress, so keep coming back.

We’ll start with some memorabilia shared by the brother of her one-time guitarist, Cordell Dudley.

As Cordell’s brother Lionell recalls

, this clip was from a NY rock magazine, taken after the Sausalito show, circa 1975.
A quick’n’dirty promotional piece, probably used for Betty’s show at the Alpine. As Lionell Dudley recalls, that show (which he produced) was Betty’s only Pittsburgh concert.


Phil Cox, the creator of Davis’ biopic “They Say I’m Different,” contacted me from Sudan. He and I will record a short piece for The Soul Show’s tribute episode, which is planned for Women’s History Month Weekend 1. We were in contact during the making of the film, and he asked me to record what was to become the opening narration.

[The 2/12/22 TSS program will have a mini-tribute as part of the overall BHM theme.]

[2/11/22] I’m also planning to capture some observations about Betty’s performance at the Alpine. It may have been her only Pittsburgh performance.


  1. Fred
    Fred February 12, 2022

    thanks for the miles cut today

    • admin
      admin February 14, 2022

      You’re welcome!

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