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The Soul Show, streaming worldwide and On-Demand: A Tribute to Buddy Miles

August 5 would have been the 75th birthday of drummer/vocalist Buddy Miles. We’ll cover his musical imprints in the ways you expect on The Soul Show:

  • The California band he co-founded, The Electric Flag
  • The one-off project with Jimi Hendrix that would come to define the rock power trio – the Band of Gypsys
  • His mastery of covers, including the Allman Bros and a super-extended live Neil Young classic
  • A volcanic collaboration with Santana in ’72
  • Contemporary interpretation of perhaps his biggest songwriting milestone, performed by Ledisi
  • Last but not least, perhaps the first-ever airings (in the world) of the upcoming James ‘Biscuit’ Rouse tribute album to Buddy – you will love this!

Also, join me for the latest Jazz Is Dead installment (#14) by Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge, this time with jazz double-bassist Henry Franklin. They just keep honoring the masters.

Here’s your on-demand link for the show. It also streams on on Saturday 9/10 at 7p Eastern. Enjoy,

playlist below
  • Duration,Title,Album,Artist,
  • 3:56,Hang ‘Em High,The Definitive Soul Collection (Disc 2),Booker T. & The M.G.’s,1968
  • 5:17,Baltimore,-,Ray Estaire,2022
  • 2:56,Somebody In The World For You,-,Mighty Hannibal,WAV
  • 5:27,Deciduous,Leaves,Sidewalk Chalk,2014
  • 3:27,Reasons,Perfect Angel,Minnie Riperton,1974
  • 1:00,Host Break :20,-,-,FLAC
  • 6:36,Evil Ways (Live),Live,Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles,
  • 4:35,Scream!,-,Brooklyn Funk Essentials,July 2022
  • 5:10,If It Isn’t Love,Heart Break,New Edition,FLAC
  • 4:07,Them Changes,Turn Me Loose,Ledisi,2009-08-18
  • 1:00,Host Break :40,-,-,FLAC
  • 4:57,Step Closer,Supermoncho,Lubriphonic,PCM
  • 5:39,Ya Habibi,Maroon Futures,Afro Yaqui Music Collective,March/April 2021
  • 3:55,No Questions,Check Your Words,Reemah,2012
  • 1:00,Host Break :00,-,-,FLAC
  • 9:35,01 – Jimi Hendrix – Who Knows,Band Of Gypsys,Jimi Hendrix,PCM
  • 4:59,Sword + Gun,No Beginning No End,”José James, Hindi Zahra”,2013-01-21
  • 5:00,Ebony Eyes,Gold (Disc 2),Rick James,PCM
  • 1:00,Host Break :20,-,-,FLAC
  • 3:16,Train (Final),Biscuit & Buddy,James Rouse,2021-09-27
  • 7:53,15 – Kool & The Gang – Love & Understanding (Come Together),-,-,
  • 3:27,Love I Need feat. Rapsody,Starfruit,Moonchild,2022
  • 3:17,13 – The Electric Flag – With Time There Is Change,-,The Electric Flag,
  • 1:00,Host Break :40,-,-,FLAC
  • 2:01,Don’t Keep Me Wondering,The Best Of,Buddy Miles,FLAC
  • 5:12,Fighting Against Conviction,Blackheart Man,Bunny Wailer,1989
  • 3:35,I Want a Guy (original 45 mix),The Supremes,The Supremes,2000-08-29
  • 7:53,07_And_So_It_Was,Inner Being,Joey DeFrancesco,FLAC
  • 2:18,Jan Jan,What It Is! Funky Soul And Rare Grooves: 1967-1977 [Disc 1],Fabulous Counts,1969
  • 1:00,Host Break :00,-,-,FLAC
  • 2:41,Funky Worm,Funk – Gett Off Yur Fat Part 1,Ohio Players,1972
  • 3:27,05 – Martha High – There It Is,Soul Brother Where Art Thou,Martha High,2022
  • 2:31,06 – Get Right,”Book of EEDO, Volume 3″,Adam & Kizzie,May 2018
  • 5:15,WrapIt up,Biscuit & Buddy,James Rouse,2021-09-27
  • 3:28,Pressure feat Little Dragon (Clean),Grey Area,Little Simz,2019
  • 3:56,Oh Betty,Black Jesus White Problems,Fantastic Negrito,MP3
  • 1:00,Host Break :20,-,-,FLAC
  • 7:53,Fairy Tales,Compositions,Anita Baker,1990
  • 3:57,Holding On,Togetherness,L.T.D.,1978
  • 5:37,African Sun,Henry Franklin JID014,”Henry Franklin, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad”,August 2022
  • 1:00,Host Break :40,-,-,FLAC
  • 13:28,Down By The River [Live],The Best Of,Buddy Miles,FLAC
  • 4:34,02 – Rufus & Chaka Khan – Do You Love What You Feel,Masterjam,Rufus & Chaka Khan,PCM
  • 1:35,Master Ghetto-Rig,Troy Roberts – Nu Jive 5,Troy Roberts,2013


  1. Regina Yasmeen Brown
    Regina Yasmeen Brown September 9, 2022

    oh how I grieved at the news of his passing!
    A 🥁Buddy Miles🥁 tribute on the Soul Show?
    I’ll be listening!

    • admin
      admin October 7, 2022

      He was a big, big deal to us. Did you enjoy?

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