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Welcome to WESM, and TSS ’23 Wk 1: Artist Tributes

Welcome to WESM-FM on January 7th, 2023. This station is The Soul Show’s second HBCU affiliation — yayy! It serves Maryland’s Eastern Shore and beyond, and beams into Virginia and Delaware. To kick it off, TSS will broadcast a tribute to artists lost in 2022. Also, we’ll feature Carla Thomas, the queen of Stax Records who turned 80 in December.

Here’s some background info for this episode:

Betty Davis memorial service, Homestead, PA

Betty Davis reflections from an old friend, Lionell Dudley. His brother, Cordell, was Betty’s guitarist on the second album. At the top of Hour Three, she calls Cordell’s name on “Get In There,” in case you heard it.

Betty Davis reflections from the director of her biopic (teaser; come back for full interview soon):

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  1. Regina Yasmeen Brown
    Regina Yasmeen Brown January 5, 2023

    Stretching out far and wide:: the Soul Show..We’ll be listening!

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