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The Soul Show BHM ’23 Wks 2&3: Generations, Soul Train

Those of you who have listened to The Soul Show for a long time may remember a couple of themes from the past: “Generations” of five years ago, and the Don Cornelius (Soul Train) tribute of 2012. Because so many new stations have signed on since then, I pulled up the playlists and notes to revisit those presentations. “Generations” is about multi-gen musical families like the Coles, Adderleys and Marleys. “Soul Train” tracks the first national seasons (’71-’79) by featuring nine artists that performed on this important television showpiece.

Generations: 2/11/23 on WESM, WZUM, WIUP, WTJX, WNPN (KRBD and WNAA early the following week) … please see the schedule

Soul Train: 2/18 on the same stations

Black History Month, Week 1: Blaxploitation Soundtracks

If you missed, or want to revisit, BHM Week 1 Blaxploitation, it’s right here. Enjoy!

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