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Nina Simone Matters

For years, The Soul Show presented a weekly presentation of War, Gil Scott-Heron and Jimi Hendrix. They were all personal favorites, and each had an outsized impact on modern music. One day I realized that something was wrong here. Chaka Khan was added to the cycle, mostly with the band Rufus – the rationale of that is a story for another day.

It’s now time to add Nina Simone. Some would ask about other important musical figures. There are many worthy candidates. She, however, traversed message and musicality better than most. Interestingly, across the broad demographic that is TSS listenership, Simone ranges from iconic to essential to under-appreciated to obscure. Drawing her into the limelight should be expected by some, and is certainly educationally needed for others. Frankly, for me it will be an excellent opportunity to learn Simone better than I ever have.

Starting with the Mother’s Day episode, please welcome Nina Simone to the Inner Circle.

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