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Reflections on Archiving and Legacy

A couple of weeks ago, I had to reach out individually to TSS carriers to bleep an expletive discovered after transmitting files. It was a pain, but something good resulted. I spoke directly with the new GM of Washington state’s KCHW, and we had a wonderful discussion. TSS was recently picked up because of the illness and passing of the station’s beloved R&B host..GM Chuck was his good friend, and was sad that there were no show archives on file. I told him about a longtime Pgh listener who dropped off a boxful of TSS tapes dating back to the earliest period with now-departed founders Don and Stef, and about how I inserted some of the audio into my 2020 tribute episodes. I encouraged Chuck to put out an on-air inquiry, because a listener probably kept some tapes, and that I’d help edit a tribute show. He felt better.

Public radio s a tight community. Glad to be part.

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  1. Regina Yasmeen
    Regina Yasmeen June 15, 2023

    The information you’ve shared here rings with such a positive (musical) note, that it makes me smile. Perchance you’re a Cosmic Soul Griot equipped with technology that can share music narratives to infinity, Michael Canton. Surely our radio Soul Ancestors smile about your earthly communication powers!
    DO keep up the good Soul Show work!

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