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Pittsburgh’s Goods, Kate’s goods, Doom & Trouble, Mansion Reggae

Richie & Emmett Goods at South Park

Brothers Richie and Emmett Goods come home to grace Soulh Park on Friday, along with vibraphonist Chien Chien. This show is highly recommended. See my POC Listing for details.

Kate Borger hosts TSS on 8/5,

This special is so significant that I notified Scott Mervis (P-G) and City Paper about it. It’s women in R&B, gospel, jazz and more. I’ve only been with WZUM for a year, and the creative juices are only beginning to flow. I’ll be inviting Kate back for a reprise during WHM24, so this is just the beginning. Enjoy this TSS episode.

Flood City Music Festival

Shelley Johansson of Flood knows my proclivities. She’s been raving about Doom Flamingo and the Trouble No More project for months. I’m flying back from St. Croix just in time to get to Johnstown.

Fridays at the Frick

The Frick has been continually broadening their summer offerings to engage a wider, younger audience. Reggae is this week. If you can take the whole afternoon off, check out the Great Migration exhibit, too. Details at POC List

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