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The Soul Show 8/26 and Beyond: Teasers & Breathers


When TSS went into expanded syndication a year ago, part of the work was teasing new stations into giving the show a try. Even in a week without a special, captivating theme, there must be a special, captivating feeling. Stuff like this for today’s show:


My creative bwain (actually, brain, period) works great around 7a, a breather period before the more mundane sets in. While reviewing today’s playlist, i wandered to the thought of deeper artist and album cuts, sparked by an Angie Bofill track that you will hear. A few minutes later, the concept of a Deeper Cut theme materialized. Fact is, that’s what TSS feels like all the time, but how about doing artist back-to-backs, one popular followed by one deeper? Gil’s “Bottle,” for example, juxtaposed with “95 South”? Minnie’s “Loving You” + “Brewster Bay,” Wonder’s “Living” + “Cash In Your Face”? See you next week 🙂

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