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The Soul Show 9/30/23 on WZUM, WIUP, WESM, Rhode Island Public Radio: Bell Family, Psychedelic Aretha, more

At the Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival, Poogie Bell handed me a surprise: a basement sessions disc. I already had the following week’s TSS playlisted, so this week we hear the first piece from the album.


I’ve met a lot of people who pride themselves on “complete” music knowledge, but what works for me is realization that I don’t know what I don’t know. It’s not as big as Sagan’s universe, but it’s huge.

Awhile back, I started doing 50th anniversary features on important albums. 1973 was a pretty solid year. Aretha’s “Hey Now Hey” album….I recall having it in my early collection, but it’s long gone. Anyway, I did some reading, and found out that it was an important milestone as a departure from the Jerry Wexler era. In fact, Quincy Jones produced it, and there’s some psychelic vibe.

“Hey Now Hey” will be presented on TSS as soon as a copy arrives from The Exchange. In the meantime, though, I have some interesting footnotes to share early in this week’s show. Tune in.

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  1. Odessa Bradford Jackson
    Odessa Bradford Jackson September 30, 2023

    Yes.. great music during her transition! Iconic👑🕊

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