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TSS “Catch A Fire,” Norside Organ Trio at Pgh Winery, soulshowmike at Golden Age

A BMW Masterpiece at Fifty – 11/11/23 on WESM, WZUM, WIUP, WLXU, Rhode Island Public Radio, WTJX

Scenes from Norside Album Trio’s “Mean Streets” Album Release, 11/10

First of all, Pittsburgh Winery is 100% back. The crowd is plenty, the acoustics are tuned in, the vibe is right, the food situation is solid. During intermission, I even heard Band Of Gypsys in the background soundtrack. That’s a first anywhere that I can remember.

I’ve caught NOT three times at this point, each with Steeltown Horns. Abby Gross , who played on the Mean Streets release, guested with flute and sax. When all seven musicians played, it was a full wall of sound. When I talked with NOT at their Reservoir of Jazz performance in August, they mentioned that the mixing and matching with Steeltown would include vocals sometimes. That will work, but it was already alright last night. Listen out for a Mean Streets track on The Soul Show’s 11/11 episode.

Golden Age Beer Company 11/1, and more

At Golden Age in Homestead, expect some reprise of the “Catch A Fire” tribute, along with the regular twists and turns of a usual TSS-type presentation. Stay tuned for (possibly) a few more cameo appearances at Independent Brewing Mondays with Rick Sebak, as well as schedule changes/expansions at Lorelei. At Golden Age, I’m working on new concepts to blend regular “club” DJ styling with a TSS vibe, including a little contextual narrative between mini-sets. (Fact is, I really don’t know much about club DJing in the traditional sense.)

Coming soon to this blog….

  • Updates to Electric Basement Studios, the production home of The Soul Show
  • The return of soulshowmike’s Album Picks
  • What’s for Thanksgiving?
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