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Jeffrey Osborne 12/8, Golden Age and Lakecia 12/9

JO at August Wilson

AWAACC has adopted a nationally accepted standard that tightens up photography policy. That is cool and very understandable. The thing is that Jeffrey Osborne lit up the venue so quickly that all I really needed was to capture the first two songs.  A consummate performer he is. L.T.D. and solo work flowed, and he paid touching tribute to his friend/producer George Duke. AWAACC CEO Janis Burley walked me back to meet Osborne after the performance. We talked about common acquaintances, he signed a vinyl jacket, and we agreed to a possible interview. Great guy. More pics to follow.

soulshowmike at Golden Age 12/9 – some deep tracks here , some holiday cheer there – NOTE NEW TIME

See you at the new time of 3-6pm, right after Tony Campbell’s new jam session time. 

The Soul Show on WZUM and WIUP

Today is a reprise of “Innervisions at Fifty,” so make sure you catch this Stevie tribute if you missed it in April.

Lakecia Benjamin, New Hazlett 12/9

Sometimes there’s so much to attend :( It’s either We Want The Funk (part ii) at AWACC or Lakecia at Kente Arts Alliance. Since I saw WWTF (part i), I’ll head over to New Hazlett tonight for the New Jazz Goddess.

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