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History, Ebb & Flow, Gratification

In the mid-teens (decade, not age), I made a gradual transition from a single program in Pittsburgh to a nationally syndicated presence. The growth has been solid, with some occasional ebb. To accommodate the varying needs of public stations, The Soul Show is structured to be placed in either a 2- or 3-hour time slot. Rhode Island Public Radio began with 3 hours, shifted to 2 hours, and recently reverted to 3. RIPR has a special place in my heart, given that Providence college radio provided my first extended insight into what solid FM music programming is. To this day, I still benchmark TSS against “360 Degree Black Experience in Sound” on WBRU.

Shortly after spotting the RI programming change (, I received a wonderful letter that speaks to said change. It’s pasted below. I never tire of hearing from listeners, and certainly never take you for granted. Thanks for your support.


Kind Sir, Excellent Host, Saint Soulshow, GREETINGS! It’s snowing in Providence, Rhode Island tonight. FINALLY. 

The public radio station is broadcasting three hours of your show…for that alone I continue to contribute! Hahah! 

Oh geez , I’m wishing you well, and hoping the Fates look favorably up on you, and all your endeavors in this year to come. THANK YOU FOR ENRICHING THE AIRWAYS WITH YOUR EXCELLENT PROGRAMING!

I am presently reading a book by David Gann, a real page-turner: The Wager, a tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder (what more could one ask for 😈). You might like it. True story, too. I’m halfway through it…

Well, that’s it for now. Just a brief hello.

Take care, Superstar!

Your listener, Diane H.

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