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Little Boy Blue musings, TSS this week, SSMAP on deck

The Soul Show keeps several acts in regular rotation: Gil Scott-Heron, Nina Simone, Hendrix, War and Rufus. Regarding that last band, some would disagree that Chaka Khan’s most amazing body of work came from her Rufus work. A few years ago on TSS affiliate WTJX in the Virgin Islands, I was in an interview discussing that very topic. A caller chimed in and asked what was on tap for the next TSS, and I told him “Little Boy Blue” from the fourth release. He responded that it was his favorite from the catalogue. I love it too, and it’s on tap this week. Also, as I gather material and themes for the BHM/WHM tidal wave, this week will be a “regular” episode. The wrinkle I inserted, though, is that there are a bunch of extended tracks (T.O.P., War, ….). We can do that on listener-supported, non-commercial radio.  Speaking of support, do that for your personal station by going to its website, or consider supporting TSS directly. Thanks for either or both.

Sidenote: “Rags to Rufus” has a semi-centennial this year, so stay tuned.

Soulshowmike’s Album Picks

After a hiatus, SSMAP resumed with a review of my Top Ten Albums of 2023. I may not quite hit a monthly stride yet, but stay tuned in the next 10 days for the first ’24 installment.

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