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February 2024 Changes to the Mixcloud Archives

    In order to generate seed funding for an exciting new project, I’m announcing a change to the pricing structure of The Soul Show’s on-demand content.

    Effective February 2024, a paid subscription will be requested to access the most current TSS episodes. All listeners will still be able to hear those recent episodes in the subsequent month. This continues to provide 100% free access to all with no more than a few weeks’ delay.

    I encourage you to create your account here. Please consider $5 or $10 per month , comparable to donor contributions at my original listener-supported public radio station.

    The new revenues will be deployed to repackage and relaunch The Soul Pod podcast. I’ll be chauffeuring artists and other music movers’n’shakers about the beautiful Pittsburgh cityscape while conducting interviews. The TSSMOBILE 🛞 will be outfitted with GoPros 🎥 and audio gear🎙️. The first guests are already identified, with a couple of filmmakers consulting on concept and execution. Excited!


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