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Cliff Beach’s jazz release dedicated to his East Liberty (Pgh) Great-Grandma

Cliff Beach, the CaliSoul artist, intrigued me with a recently sent link to his jazz recording, “You Showed Me The Way.” I wrote him back to say thanks, and he responded….

Welcome Mike. I enjoy listening to your show from LA via the stream! 🙏 

My extended family is from PA, the album is dedicated to my great grandma from East Liberty , I used to visit every summer as a kid

I wrote about her in this article she was a character and tried at age 6 to fight Ella who was in her late 20s.. (she was in school girl crush mode with bassist ray brown)

We’ll crack open the album on The Soul Show’s next episode (starting nationwide on Sat, 4/6. Check air and stream times:

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  1. Regina Yasmeen Brown
    Regina Yasmeen Brown April 1, 2024

    Worldwide Mike-y, worldwide! That’s my story-mantra and firm conviction about The Soul Show!

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