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Today (6/22/24) on The Soul Show: Angela Bofill

I recorded this tribute as quickly as I could to so that most partner stations could broadcast it in this week’s broadcast cycle. Angela Bofill, with that beautiful almost-nasal projection at times, was a musical icon in the late seventies and eighties. What I learned during the research for this episode was what a fine songwriter she also was. “I Try” and “Over The Moon And Under The Sky” are examples. Because of FCC guidelines, I have a weekly limit of 4 tracks per artist, so we’’ll have to do a continuation over the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy what I picked for today.

I’m at the Tri-C JazzFest in Cleveland this weekend, so stay tuned for some photographic images. Also, if you’re in Pittsburgh, I’ll be presenting an exhibition of concert pics from my 15 years of stage capture: 6/29/24 all day, Emerald City on Smithfield. for details.

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