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soulBlog: The Dionne Warwick interview, pre-broadcast, unedited

Dionne Warwick’s 2019 tour swung nearby last summer to Marietta, OH. I was allowed in with the big camera, so the photo opportunities were great all night. More importantly, though, Peoples Bank Theatre arranged a phone interview. There wasn’t enough time to produce and broadcast the chat before the show, so I’ve held onto this for a few months. For The Soul Show broadcast, I will generally edit a 15-minute interview down to 6-8 minutes. Something important is always left on the cutting floor. Here on the website is the entire Warwick conversation from start to finish, and before the broadcast. Enjoy, and hold tight for Robert “Kool” Bell, another one I’ve been saving for fall.

The Dionne Warwick interview, start to finish
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