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Spotlight on Pittsburgh’s Soulful Femme:

Soulful Femme is comprised of guitarist Cheryl Rinovato and vocalist Stevee Wellons, both members of the Stevee Wellons Band.   Complementing SWB, SF is a spinoff project that is also gaining momentum, its most recent engagement being a double gig at Heritage Music Festival in nearby WV.

I’ve had a backlog of “60 Seconds” segments to produce.  Here is one I filmed in July of Soulful Femme, and there’s my interview with Stevee and Cheryl on The Soul Show in March 2017.  Enjoy.


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PumpkinFest 2018, Weekend Highlights, website updates, TSSWTJX090118 posted —

PumpkinFest 2018 has been announced, but not the lineup.  I found out some of the details today – it will be solid!

Cuban excellence at Manchester this weekend from Harold Lopez-Nussa.  Lee Robinson & ISKA at Riverview, Tony Campbell at WWR and Smooth Groove Sunday at Rocks – details in the concert calendar at is purring smoothly, now with a randomized presentation of “60 Seconds of Pittsburgh,” the YouTube series on local music.  There’s also a signup form, if you’d like the blog emailed to you.

The latest Mixcloud archive, last Saturday’s edition of TSS on Virgin Islands station WTJX, is posted directly to  The WYEP and WTJX shows are in the same vein, but with little or no playlist overlap from week to week.  Play them back to back, and you have a six-hour soul feast.



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New music, today’s shows, updates:

Today, while recording The Soul Show’s WTJX edition for the Virgin Islands,  I’ll start auditioning a couple of new releases: Jonathan Scales and Kandace Springs.  Both are cleared for airplay later this month (September).  Dwayne Dolphin is sending a copy of his new “Indigenous” release, so expect to hear that on the “Three Rivers at Three” segment on WYEP’s TSS (Saturday, 9/8/18, 3pm Eastern).   Also, there’s new music from Jonathan Butler.

2018 marks the first year that the outdoor Katz Plaza jazz series extends into September.  Cliff Barnes is featured this evening (Tuesday).

The new website now has a Mixcloud page for the show archives, and a big, readable music calendar page.  


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Reflections on The Buckle Downs’ performance at The Frick

Last Friday was the final installment of this summer’s music series at The Frick.  As hard as I try to keep up with events, this one almost slipped by.  It was PACKED.  The food trucks were overwhelmed with patrons, and the Buckle Downs came to play.  Vocalist Kiki Brown was backed by Addi Twigg, whom I first experienced at James Street at Tony Campbell’s amazing Van Morrison tribute, and JD from Steeltown Horns showed up, too.  As solid as the BDs usually are, the extra personnel took it to another level.  Let’s see this configuration again soon.

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8/31’s live music, 9/1’s TSS and live music

At the last minute, I caught a FB event posting for The Buckle Downs at The Frick, 5 mins from home.  Kiki Brown and the band put on a special performance.  More on that tomorrow, including a 60 Seconds of Pittsburgh piece on YouTube.

Today on The Soul Show, a tribute to MJ, new music from The Internet, a continued touch on The Queen’s music (including a beautiful rendition of “My Way”) and Three Rivers at Three, with our own Bridgette Perdue, Daryl Strodes and others.  We’ll review the Concert Calendar, which you can also see here.  Tony Campbell is at Wallace Whiskey Room in E. Liberty later. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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Michael Jackson at Sixty on TSS, plus the weekend’s events

Following the Aretha tribute 2 weekends ago, then a wonderful guest appearance by George T., The Soul Show honors Michael Jackson, who would have turned 60 this week.

TSS, streaming worldwide at 2-5pm Eastern on Saturdays.  See you soon.

On the events calendar tonight, Soul Merchants at Riley’s in Carnegie; Afroheat at Spirit in Lawrenceville; The Buckle Downs at The Frick.  Saturday, Tony Campbell at Wallace Whiskey Room.  Sunday, Smooth Groove Sunday at Rocks Landing.  Support live music!


Busy September: week of 9/23/18

So far, the week of 9/23/18 is looking like the busiest in September: the new Blues & Heritage Festival, McFerrin, Pieces of a Dream, Parliament Funkadelic, …

The MCGJazz schedule is now fully loaded on the soulshowmike calendar.  Booker T. Jones ends their spring season!

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Greetings from Mike C

Welcome, everyone, to this new mini-project of mine, the soulshowmike website.  Its purpose is to integrate all of my music-related content and links under one umbrella: Mixcloud archives, 60 Seconds of Pittsburgh, Instagram pic posts, FB blogging, etc.  It will be a work in progress over the next month, but one main feature I wanted to develop, the Concert Calendar, is up and running as of now.  It is by no means 100% comprehensive, but it does represent the info I disseminate on The Soul Show every Saturday.  One day, perhaps, we’ll have one master calendar for all music events in the city, but for now this can serve as one of the tools you use.

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