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Month: March 2020

soulBlog: Lyndsey Smith joins Water Seed, soulshowmike’s Shows of Note

LS joins WS

A long time ago, I spotted this very cool album cover for a NOLA band called Water Seed, then confirmed that they sounded as cool, then started playing them on The Soul Show. Next thing, our local Big Easy pipeline for indie acts, Music Night on Jupiter, arranged for WS to debut at the Pittsburgh Winery. It was a full house, and this led to many more local outings (DreamOn, Flood City, TRAF, Music for MS, ….).

Even before that, I started paying attention to this wonderful band called Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution. They played under a tent at Bakery Square, and I was sold. Lyndsey subsequently played WYEP’s Local 913, First Night, Heinz Field and everywhere else as she established a very prominent role in the Pittsburgh scene. We were all sold.

I’m not sure, but the catalyst for what was to come may have been a 2017 New Year’s Eve party at Spirit, when LS and WS shared a bill. When Lyndsey later decided to move to NOLA to break new ground, I suggested to both parties that they look for each other. Shortly thereafter, an opportunity emerged for Lyndsey to become a lead Water Seed vocalist. I had to keep the secret for a month or so, but made plans to see the Mardi Gras debut at Tipitina’s. It went beautifully, as you can see.

It is my wish to bring Water Seed back in 2021 for The Soul Show’s 25th Anniversary, a follow-up to the 20th Anniversary concert at Schenley Plaza. I hope they don’t cost too much by then 🙂

soulshowmike’s Shows of Note for this week

  • Latin Jazz at Con Alma, Sunday
  • Smooth Groove Sunday Session at Rocks Landing, McKees Rocks (weekly), Sunday
  • Mondays at Con Alma (Vinyl Happy Hour, then Howie Alexander Trio), Monday
  • JazzLive Series at Backstage Bar, Tuesday
  • Tune It! Tuesday – jam session w/ Phat Man Dee at Black Forge Coffee House, Tuesday
  • “A Taste Of Soul” Jam Session at The Genuine Pub, Tuesday
  • GH3 at Con Alma, Wednesday
  • Roger Humphries at Con Alma, Thursday
  • Vanishing Black Bars and Lounges at August Wilson Center (through 3/29)
  • I Came by Boat so Meet me at the Beach …. at August Wilson Center (through 3/29)
  • Tony Campbell at Wallace’s Whiskey Room, Saturday
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soulshowmike’s Shows of Note for this week

  • Tony Campbell at Wallace’s Whiskey Room, 3/7
  • Smooth Groove Sunday Session at Rocks Landing, McKees Rocks (weekly), 3/8
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soulBlog: Sembène podcast with Sabira Bushra & Fred Logan

Sabira presenting a film at CEC Homewood, March 2019

In December of 2019, I recorded a podcast with Sabira Bushra and Fred Logan of Sembène Film Festival. It was the first of three to be produced during this new film season, and it was presented to festival patrons a few weeks later. I think this is an important piece, in that it tells the history and aspirations of the founders in a 12-minute synopsis. With the recent passing of Sabira, it is especially poignant. Listen, respect.

Sabira Bushra & Fred Logan – Sembène Film Festival
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