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soulBlog: Sembène podcast with Sabira Bushra & Fred Logan

Sabira presenting a film at CEC Homewood, March 2019

In December of 2019, I recorded a podcast with Sabira Bushra and Fred Logan of Sembène Film Festival. It was the first of three to be produced during this new film season

, and it was presented to festival patrons a few weeks later. I think this is an important piece, in that it tells the history and aspirations of the founders in a 12-minute synopsis. With the recent passing of Sabira, it is especially poignant. Listen, respect.

Sabira Bushra & Fred Logan – Sembène Film Festival

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  1. Regina Yasmeen Brown
    Regina Yasmeen Brown March 2, 2020

    The Podcast is a great Reminder of Sabira Bushra’s unapologetic attempt to awaken the masses, and have them stay woke on topics critical to their survival BY SCREENING FILMS
    ✊?the Struggle Continues♥️???

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