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Month: May 2021

The Soul Show: New Miss Freddye and Rasheed Ali, Dylan @80, Davis @95, Memorial Day

The Soul Show will present Miss Freddye’s music for the first time. Her album is called ‘Lady Of The Blues.’ Also, I’ll crack open Rasheed Ali’s 2021 ‘Hindsight Is 20/20.’ His music is always socially conscious and historically driven.

Bob Dylan turned 80 on Monday, so I will spin R&B covers of his vast songbook. You’ll hear Patti LaBelle, Nina Simone, Babyface, The Isleys and a host of others perform Bob’s music.

To celebrate Miles Davis’ 95th birthday, I’ll play something from his fusion masterpiece ‘Bitches Brew.” Also, listen to a track from his wife Betty, who pointed him in the direction of blending jazz with rock. She’ll be on Three Rivers at Three.

For Memorial Day weekend, there will be The Whispers, John Legend & The Roots, plus something out of genre that might be the most touching and vivid war song that I know.

The syndicated edition of TSS takes you deeper into Miss Freddye’s 2021 release. Also, get to know 24-Carat Black, the 1970s soul collective, and enjoy some extended instrumental Donny Hathaway.

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The Soul Show celebrates Marvin Gaye

The Soul Show celebrates Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” 50 years after its release. WYEP featured the album yesterday, and presented listener reflections all week. I’ll play some music from WGO, and you’ll hear several of those pre-recorded reflections. If you saw the CNN special, you’ll appreciate that we selected listeners who recalled their time as teenagers and young adults.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge continue their ‘Jazz Is Dead’ series. This time, it’s in collaboration with João Donation. I’ll introduce JID #7 on TSS this afternoon.

‘Three Rivers at Three’ will feature another track from Soulful Femme’s new full release. We’ll swing back around to George Heid’s world album. Also, something from Anita Levels on Dwayne Dolphin’s ‘Indigenous’ CD.

Have you checked out Vibin’ yet? It’s a new 90s-centric R&B program hosted by George T. He and I have produced the first few shows at his place. I inserted a short clip of the upcoming episode into TSS. Enjoy the sneak peek. It’s good to hear his George’s voice on the air again.

The syndicated Soul Show, distributed through the African American Public Radio Consortium, complements the WYEP program every week. Its content is more “evergreen,” meaning any episode can be played anytime, anywhere. If you listen this week, you’ll hear hints of the upcoming 80th Bob Dylan birthday (via Hendrix, and not explicitly stated) and of the Marvin Gaye anniversary. From the Sa-Roc album that I reviewed in City Paper, I debut a powerful piece called ‘Rocwell’s America.’ Daughter/father Syleena and Syl Johnson have back-to-back tracks. I return to Adrian Younge’s ‘The American Negro’ that was introduced in time for BHM 2021. We’ll close with an expansive track by Kamasi Washington from his second release, ‘Harmony of Difference.’ (Wow….does that exist?)

When ‘A Tuba to Cuba’ was released, I had the opportunity to interview Ben Jaffe of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. You’ll hear a track from that PHJB album, the culmination of a long project

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The Soul Show: Wonder’s ’71 @71; Soulful Femme; GSH, Turner, Preston inductions

For this Stevie Wonder 71st birthday week, The Soul Show spotlights the 50th anniversary of Stevie’s first breakaway album, “Where I’m Coming From”. It was 1971 when the Motown prodigy had his chance to present the future, mature vision of his music.

1971 was also the year of Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On,” and The Soul Show presents an early peek at the WYEP testimonials to that album.  Stevee Wellons, the vocalist of duo Soulful Femme, provides reflections on WGO when it shook her teenage life.

I’ll debut the brand new Soulful Femme CD on Three Rivers at Three. Stevee Wellons gets two nods today.

The RRHOF induction of Gil Scott-Heron is a big deal for The Soul Show.  I celebrate with some favorite tracks.  I’ll also present early Billy Preston music from the Sam Cooke SAR label. Also, a big induction congratulation to Tina Turner, with something from her transformative ‘Private Dancer’ and another from her Herbie Hancock collaboration.

TSS features new singles from Hiatus Kaiyote and Navy.

Sa-Roc’s ‘The Sharecropper’s Daughter’ is my album pick this month in Pittsburgh City Paper. Both editions of The Soul Show dig into this release so you can hear for yourself.

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The Year 1971, Vibin’ debut on 5/10, Mother’s Day

The Year 1971: 2021 marks the 50th anniversaries of many great albums. Last week, The Soul Show featured the entire Side B of Mandrill’s eponymous 1971 debut. This weekend, I’ll do the same with Earth, Wind & Fire’s sophomore release, ‘The Need Of Love‘: no Philip Bailey, Jean and Doug Carn guesting, a funky cover of Donny Hathaway’s ‘Everything Is Everything,’ a Jewish pseudonym in the lineup, Sherry Scott preceding the short-lived Jessica Cleaves on female vocals. The spotlight begins at 4pm Eastern on 5/8, WYEP.

TSS celebrates Oleta Adams, James Brown and Philip Bailey birthdays. I’ll delve more deeply into ‘The Sharecropper’s Daughter’ by Sa-Roc. Bonerama horn-blasts their way through a Zep cover, and recent CMU grad Jaron Crawford represents on Three Rivers at Three. I’ll play dreamy music from the unlikely pairing of jazz B3 specialist Lonnie Smith and punk godfather Iggy Pop. As I feature the second track from these gentlemen, it’s clear that the formula is working.

3R@3, the regular Pittsburgh-centric feature, features solo music from Marcels front man Walt Maddox. Check out the press kit from 1970.

And there’s Mother’s Day. I’ll play Cody Chestnutt, J5, Aretha, The Suffers and, yes, The Intruders (“You only get one, you only get one, yeh-ahhhhh).

George T., a veteran substitute on The Soul Show and Grand Groove Radio, introduces his very own Vibin’ show on Monday night. Today I’ll talk about how I met GT and encouraged him to bring his musical Rain Man talents to WYEP.

Vibin’s host producing Episode 1 at Electric Geo Studios
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