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Vote for The Soul Show as Best Radio Show and Best Radio DJ

The Soul Show, in its first nomination year, has achieved Top Ten status in two categories: Best Radio Show and Best Radio DJ.The voting for Top Three has begun. Help TSS make that final push to the top:

Best Radio DJ


Best Radio Show


, as I learned with decades of performance reviews in industry, there must be documented justification ? —>

– From the day 91.3 WYEP halted studio access during the pandemic, TSS never missed a beat. I recorded in Electric Basement Studios throughout these many months, ensuring home acoustics and production were top rate.

– The weekly feature ‘Three Rivers at Three’ has become a valuable platform for Pittsburgh artist exposure.

– I created to provide you easy access to hundreds of episodes – not only the 91.3 WYEP program, but also the syndicated TSS on the African American Public Consortium.

– TSS features interviews with classic and emerging artists – Dionne Warwick, Stephen Cat Coore of THIRD WORLD, McCoo and Davis of The Fifth Dimension, Robert “Kool” Bell, The Baylor Project, Naughty Professor, James Royce, Geenpool

– Local artists and culture figures interviewed include Terri Bell of The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Soulful Femme, Tony Campbell, Phat Man Dee, …

– I supported WYEP special projects, including conceptualization, narration, and coordination of ‘What’s Going On at 50,’ 2020’s ‘Thanksgiving with Motown,’ and Black Songwriters during BHM 2021.

– VIBIN’, the new R&B show with George Tarrant Jr., received my full support from proposition through launch. This was a one-year project that, now completed, has significantly increased the POC broadcast presence in Pittsburgh.

– I partnered with Wrett Weatherspoon to re-launch Big Town Blues during the pandemic. As the most versed host in home production, I provided technical guidance to several other DJ’s in their restarts.

– ‘Soulshowmike’s Album Picks’ in Pittsburgh City Paper was launched in 2020, and provides a new POC perspective on emerging music.


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