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An alternate path to Hartwood Acres on a busy AWB evening

Average White Band is playing at Hartwood this evening (8/1/21), and there will probably be a backup at the main entrance on Middle Road. Years ago, someone gave me a great tip on how to get in and out using a longer but quieter way. This is for folks coming north on Route 8 from the city…..

Instead of turning right at the Eat ‘n Park, then left onto Middle Road, stay on Route 8. Turn right onto Harts Run Road. Turn left onto Woodland Road, and you’ll meet Middle Road at the northwest corner of the park. A right and VERY immediate left leads to an alternate entrance up there, at least sometimes. Otherwise, turn left onto Middle and IMMEDIATELY look for the school parking lot on the right. It’s not a bad walk from there. Either option keeps you away from the traffic jam at the main entrance.

Let me know how it works out!

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