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The Soul Show today (8/7), Millvale Music Festival yesterday and today

The Soul Show’s plans for today on WYEP

  • On TSS, Mike Canton will feature one track per hour from the newly released Prince album called ‘Welcome to America.’
  • To celebrate this summer concert and festival season, live tracks from Marley, The Roots and others are on tap.
  • Let’s check out the new album from The War & Treaty.
  • Listen to The Soul Show this weekend for Mike Canton’s overview of the Millvale Music Festival.  On Three Rivers at Three, Mike will focus on the Pittsburgh artists playing at Millvale.
  • Last weekend was a busy concert weekend, and Mike Canton of TSS gives some of the highlights on The Soul Show.  Pittsburgh’s Soulful Femme had a revised lineup that raised the roof at Pittsburgh Blues & Roots festival.

and on the syndicated African American Public Radio Consortium program…

  • Everything from Maysa to Snoop Dogg to Kraftwerk to Steve Arrington (Slave and post-) to Miles to Flack to Grupo Fantasma to TheeSat
  • Representing the TSS cities, L.T.D. (RI), Afro Yaqui (PIT), Reemah (USVI)

Millvale Music Festival: Reflections on, and photos of, Day One (8/6/21)

Millvale Music Festival is an annual street/venue music festival at a quaint town along the Allegheny River, just a few minutes from the Pittsburgh city line. The performances are short and sweet, so you have to hustle around Millvale with your schedule and map.

Sierra Sellers | Millvale Music Festival

Everyone I wanted to see on the first evening was at the hub, Mr. Smalls. Sierra Sellers is an R&B vocalist whom I’ve missed until now. Her solid reputation preceded her.

Next was Dan Bubien and The Delta Struts. The lineup is different from 2019’s, and the most obvious change is the absence of Dan’s co-guitarist, Shawn Mazzei, who moved to Nashville. Dan and Shawn were special together, and Dan has added keys to fill some gap. I miss Shawn, but admire what Dan has done to keep things excellent.

Dan Bubien & The Delta Struts | Millvale Music Festival

Royce, was my last act for the evening. James Royce and I connected a couple of years ago, coinciding with the band’s ‘Black Rock’ release. In addition to interviewing him, I covered the album release party As James explained then, guitarist Myles Mahoney jumped in to help out at the party, and the chemistry was right enough for him to stay. Ja’Sonta Roberts has been a key element on vocals from the beginning.

Ja’Sonta Roberts & James Royce | Millvale Music Festival

The set was crazy high-energy

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, and varied from blues to hiphop to straight hard rock. The crowd ranged widely in age, and there was something for everyone. They’re now on my permanent list to see, just like a Dan Bubien show.


  1. DJ Phil D
    DJ Phil D August 7, 2021

    Thanks, Mike,

    As a former Pittsburgh resident, I enjoy your post highlighting new talent from the area! We’re always listening out for it, and we seem to have some of the same taste! Keep it up! Still, a Steelers & Pirates fan, though living in the belly of the beast (Baltimore)!

    Phil D

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