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Soulful Femme | Pittsburgh Blues & Roots Festival | 7/31/21

Last week on Facebook, I gave a quick rundown on Soulful Femme’s wonderful performance at Pittsburgh Blues & Roots Festival in Cheswick:

’60 Seconds of Pittsburgh’ is a video-short series I developed several years ago with funding from The Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation. The focus was live concerts, usually of Pittsburgh artists, and I typically condensed 5-10 minutes of footage into 60s of highlights. The pandemic mothballed my work, and this Soulful Femme concert revived it. I’m a little rusty, so not everyone got captured adequately. Also, the same camera was used for both photo and video capture. Something always gets missed that way. Anyway

, I think there’s enough here to convey the excellence of the moment. Enjoy!

Bernice Wilkerson guesting with Soulful Femme
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