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The Soul Show 1/29: 50 Yrs of Mandrill Is; 2022 Tank & Bangas; Anita@65; 3R@3

The WYEP show

  • A retrospective on Mandrill’s 1972 sophomore release

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    , ‘Mandrill Is’
  • A first peek at Tank & the Banga’s upcoming ‘Red Balloon’ album
  • Brian Edwards, Stevee Wellons, Slam Band & Sam on Three Rivers at Three, to get you ready for their 1/29 live performances in Pittsburgh. Corey Harris music, too, in anticipation of his Saturday show at Kelly Strayhorn
  • To celebrate Anita Baker at 65, a track from the beginning and a song from her songwriting album

The syndicated evening show

  • Music from the new Azar Lawrence jazz album
  • More from Bill Summer’s 2022 surprise release


    REGINA YASMEEN BROWN January 28, 2022

    ????ALL sounds so good, we’ll be listening to Pittsburgh’s own: the Soul Show??

  2. Ed Vith
    Ed Vith February 21, 2022

    Back at that time I was already hooked on Santana and Malo and was looking for other stuff to listen to. I stumbled on both Mandrill and Osibisa. Opened a lot of musical doors for me!!

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