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The Soul Show 5/20: Rock Hall inductees; Millvale Music Festival Picks; Kate Borger, All Day Pgh, & other Programming Peekaheads

This week on TSS

Next festival up: Millvale

On the POC Cheat Sheet, check out the soulshowmike act picks – they’re bundled on one day, at one venue. Easypeasy.


  • Stay tuned for a reprise of All Day Pittsburgh on TSS. When the show evolved from a Pgh-only + national weekly pair to one national-only program last summer, I had to rethink things like Three Rivers at Three and its big sibling, ADP. An All Day Pittsburgh special will air exclusively on WZUM and WIUP later this year.
  • Kate Borger and I were programming siblings a long time ago, and we’re family again on a new station. Back in the day, Kate did a wonderful roots show, and I have nudged her into producing a one-off special in that vein on WZUM. More details to come.
  • I’m getting ready to launch a WZUM community spotlight feature, and one of the first ones is targeted to be the Uhuru Jazz Sessions at the August Wilson. Listen out for that in the next two weeks.

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  1. Odessa Bradford Jackson
    Odessa Bradford Jackson May 20, 2023

    Great Work! Thank you for sharing!

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