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The Soul Show 5/27 on WZUM: Memorial Day + ’23 Phat Man Dee; Website Updates; Oh He Dead 5/24


Also, Phat Man Dee’s 2023 album debuts on TSS, around 40m into the episode.


Of course, Tina Turner receives the tribute she deserves next week.

Website Updates

Have a look at the new/improved POClist, with searchability and sortability. I’ll be updating the Interviews page the same way. Come back soon.

Oh He Dead

The DC group came to Thunderbird for their Pgh debut as a headliner. They were so happy at the crowd size for this first big gig. It was much deserved. The two vocalists founded Oh He Dead as a folk duo, but they’re now a full-blown soul/rock band. CJ is Macy Gray-esque in tone. They’ll be back soon, I’m sure. Recommended.

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