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Month: September 2021

On The Soul Show today, 9/11/21

snapshot of Summer ’21: Lisa Fischer, Hartwood Acres

On 9/11/21, Mike Canton breaks out some tracks from ascending female rappers Little Simz and Haviah Mighty. Simz is cited by Kendrick Lamar as one to watch.

Mike Canton celebrates major-milestone birthdays on The Soul Show: Otis Redding at 80, Terry Ellis of En Vogue at 55, Billy Preston and Buddy Miles at 75.

Mike fills you in on one of the great pop-up venue successes of this summer, and the fantastic Cuban music featured there last weekend.Some festivals are coming late this year, but expect the usual fun in the sun.

Mike Canton will provide a musical overview of the September outdoor (and indoor) offerings. On The Soul Show, the weekly Pittsburgh music feature is called “Three Rivers at Three.” Make sure you’re tuned in at 3pm Eastern on WYEP. We have Jeff “Tain” Watts, who plays Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival next weekend; Christiane Dolores, who’s raising her own bar with a recently-earned grant from The Heinz Endowments; and Brian Edwards, whose resume includes a large presence in the Minneapolis music scene

….and, in remembrance of this day 20 years ago, perhaps the most appropriate song.

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Isaiah Ross’ Real Rock n Roll Band

| Jack Swing | 21.09.10 | Lights On!, Trust Oasis Stage |

I’ve been paying attention to them since a Cattivo gig a few years ago, and have kept them on The Soul Show rotation. Big crowdpleasers, and Isaiah Ross is a natural lead man. He has a Minneapolis gig coming up. That’s a big music city. It’s a big deal.

This band is a straight-up rock n roll band, with a necessary bit of funk to fulfill everyone’s needs. There may have been a guest or two to thicken out the presentation, or this quintet is the current lineup. There were new songs written by the band, which is always important in mapping one’s destiny. When I heard ‘Daydreams,’ I was ready to play it on The Soul Show right away. Isaiah said I’ll have it shortly.

When I listen to this band, some immediate comparisons are made to a certain national act that shall be called BJL&tHB. BJL gets a lot of airplay on a station I know. JS differentiates itself by being authentic, not being a caricature (which is almost saying the same thing, but with more shades of meaning), and not relying on rasped voice to drive the energy home. Ross can sing.

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VIBIN’ covers Nineties R&B on WYEP, podcasted on Mixcloud

George T. combing the shelves at Jerry’s Records, one of the world’s renowned vinyl troves

In the Summer of ’21, a new POC-hosted show debuted on WYEP, joining The Soul Show and Big Town Blues. VIBIN’, hosted by George T., is rooted in the R&B of the nineties. George gained popularity as a longtime substitute host/producer on The Soul Show and Grand Groove Radio, and we’re all excited to see him launch his own program. Not only will you hear great music, but you’ll hear all of the backstories that made me nickname George T. “Rain Man”.

As with The Soul Show, George is building a podcast presence on Mixcloud. One of VIBIN’s recent episodes is posted here. Subscribe to his Mixcloud profile for new content. Enjoy.

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Labor Day Weekend: All-Woman Horn Section??

Music on the Mon was one of Summer 2021’s biggest surprises. First, it was a pop-up venue. Second, the acts were selected from a different palette with a lot of POC gravy. I went to catch Byron Nash’s installment in late July, when his band opened for Joe Keyes from MD. A few weeks later, Kaleta & Super Yamba Band from Brooklyn and Benin were incredible. In between, I heard about some other solid shows that I missed.

Hugo Cruz de Caminos

This weekend, Hugo Cruz y Caminos opened for Cimafunk. Caminos featured recent Cuban transplant Cruz on percussion, plus Michael Bernabe (keys), Roger “Feralcat” Romero (sax) and Eli Naragon (bass). Hugo featured his own compositions and, compared to his recent trio presentation at Market Square, this had a lot of fusion flair. The show was plenty enough for an evening, but then there was Cimafunk.

Feralcat w/Caminos


The first thing I noticed was the all-woman horn section setting up. When was the last time you saw that? Cimafunk, the vocalist and leader, was dynamic and the entire band followed suit. It was a combination of afro-rhythm, Cuban roots and Cuban pop (I think). The mulch dancefloor was packed, and not too many folks went home early.

If you listen to The Soul Show, you may have heard the Cimafunk/George Clinton collaboration I’ve been playing. It’s real good, but I can’t wait to hear a full album of this music.

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The Soul Show: New Buckle Downs on 3R@3; Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry; NC and MJ from Gary, IN

Here’s what’s on tap for The Soul Show’s WYEP and syndicated editions, week beginning Saturday, 9/4:


  • The Buckle Downs delivered some early peeks at unreleased singles. The Soul Show may be the first to air them, ever. I was going to play one per week, but both are sweet. One during Three Rivers at Three, the other later in the show.
  • On The Soul Show this weekend, Mike Canton features two artists from Gary, Indiana:  Nichelle Colvin with a new single, and Michael Jackson for his birthday.
  • Join Mike Canton on The Soul Show for live music highlights of the past week, and for the must-sees of the coming weekend.
  • On The Soul Show this weekend, Mike celebrates the life of reggae/dub revolutionary Lee ’Scratch’ Perry
  • The Labor Day episode will be laden with working-person songs: Porter, Vandross, …

The Soul Show’s syndicated edition on the African American Public Radio Consortium

  • The new Cimafunk with George Clinton
  • “New California Soul” from The Endangered
  • A Houston set with The Suffers, The Crusaders and the T.S.U. Toronadoes
  • More from the new Nigel Hall album, “Spiritual”
  • Deep dives into the classics, like Beverly Shaffer and Big Maybelle
  • Down-under soul from Emma Donovan & The Putbacks
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