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Isaiah Ross’ Real Rock n Roll Band

| Jack Swing | 21.09.10 | Lights On!

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, Trust Oasis Stage |

I’ve been paying attention to them since a Cattivo gig a few years ago

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, and have kept them on The Soul Show rotation. Big crowdpleasers, and Isaiah Ross is a natural lead man. He has a Minneapolis gig coming up. That’s a big music city. It’s a big deal.

This band is a straight-up rock n roll band, with a necessary bit of funk to fulfill everyone’s needs. There may have been a guest or two to thicken out the presentation, or this quintet is the current lineup. There were new songs written by the band, which is always important in mapping one’s destiny. When I heard ‘Daydreams,’ I was ready to play it on The Soul Show right away. Isaiah said I’ll have it shortly.

When I listen to this band, some immediate comparisons are made to a certain national act that shall be called BJL&tHB. BJL gets a lot of airplay on a station I know. JS differentiates itself by being authentic, not being a caricature (which is almost saying the same thing, but with more shades of meaning), and not relying on rasped voice to drive the energy home. Ross can sing.

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