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VIBIN’ covers Nineties R&B on WYEP, podcasted on Mixcloud

George T. combing the shelves at Jerry’s Records, one of the world’s renowned vinyl troves

In the Summer of ’21, a new POC-hosted show debuted on WYEP, joining The Soul Show and Big Town Blues. VIBIN’, hosted by George T., is rooted in the R&B of the nineties. George gained popularity as a longtime substitute host/producer on The Soul Show and Grand Groove Radio, and we’re all excited to see him launch his own program. Not only will you hear great music, but you’ll hear all of the backstories that made me nickname George T. “Rain Man”.

As with The Soul Show, George is building a podcast presence on Mixcloud. One of VIBIN’s recent episodes is posted here. Subscribe to his Mixcloud profile for new content. Enjoy.

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